How To Be An Odds Calculator


Your typical mug punter tends to gamble based on heart or random hunch.

Bookmakers on the other hand tend to put a bit of effort into trying to calculate
true odds for a soccer match or sporting event.

It is hackneyed advice I know but if you want long term success at soccer betting
then one must try and restrict bets to those where you believe odds on offer from
the bookmakers exceeds true odds.

Bookmaker soccer odds are easy to find but how do you calculate true odds?

Well there are many ways of determining true soccer betting odds.

What we have for you here is a free download pdf explaining one method.

It was taught to one of our soccer betting expert advisors here whilst he
was working for a major bookmaker.

It is a very useful primer if you want to set down the route of calculating or compiling your own soccer betting odds.

Download your copy at the link below.

Compile Soccer Odds


What Next?

We also offer a Totally FREE mini soccer betting course written by an odds compiler mate.

No silly hyped up miracle system type stuff.

More so very good solid advice from someone with
years sitting on the bookmaker side of the fence.

A good builder builds a house on a strong foundation.

This course can help you plant your feet firmly for your
attack on the bookmakers this soccer season.

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And Then?

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Ex Bookmaker Odds Compiler Reveals A Few Tricks In Our FREE Soccer Betting Course

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