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At the start of this month it was decided that Tammboy our Scottish
expert was not quite cutting the mustard and that we should let him go.

Since Nov 2009 he had only just broken even and was lagging by a long way behind the other two.
Breaking even is of course better than most punters would do but it was not good enough for here.
So we are now a two for one club as opposed to a three for one club.

"More concentrated on the long term profitable" may be the spin doctor slant on that.

Phil our ex bookmaker has done particularly well long term.

Many clients report to me that they follow him alone due to his high strike rate, high ROI and general consistency.


Number of Bets 898 100 Per Point Advised   100 Level Stakes  
Number of Winners 463 Total Profit 9,435 Total Profit 10,589
Strike Rate 51.6% Profit On Turnover 10.2% Profit On Turnover 11.8%


99 Reds ( an ex player manager and stats buff ) is also well ahead.


Number of Bets 1352 100 Per Point Advised   100 Level Stakes  
Number of Winners 609 Total Profit 5,216 Total Profit 5,756
Strike Rate 45.0% Profit On Turnover 4.0% Profit On Turnover 4.3%


You can see charts and get links to full data spreadsheets at our results page at

It is worth noting that several clients report to me regularly beating the odds advised by the experts.
They do tend to restrict tips to bookies used to those on the oddschecker site.
Hunt around a bit more using the likes of betbrain and oddsportal and bigger odds are often available.


Staking Ideas

I was asked recently by a new member who wanted to follow Phil how best to stake him.
Staking is one of those areas where personal human emotion and outlook comes into play.

Are you aggressive or passive?

Do you want simplicity or are you happy to take on a high degree of complexity etc.

If you are a big punter staking plans can be irrelevant.
The limiting factor can often be .. "What will a bookie take at the price I want"

For those of you working from smaller banks however with the outlook of trying to
build up and compound winnings over time, the spreadsheet below may be of interest to you.

What it does is let you set a percentage of bank to stake and
it then shows you how a bank would have grown over time.

With soccer matches often kicking off at the same time it assumes
stakes are adjusted at the end of each day.

It will display to you end bank figures and also produce charts of bank growth.

The percentage bank figure to get the highest end figure is 8.56 %
That according to the spreadsheet at least would have turned £1000
in Nov 2009 into a whopping £89k today

That of course is a spreadsheet figure not a real life one.
Real life issues such as bookmakers refusing to take very large stakes
suggested by the spreadsheet would come into play.

Also that is a pretty aggressive staking percentage that would
produce significant up and down roller coasters.
Use 2% for example and the ride is much smoother.
In that instance the initial £1000 would now be £6400

If you download that spreadsheet you can find a balanced figure to suit yourself.

NB These figures consider Phil alone.
99Reds has of course added extra profit not accounted for above.


Einstein Was A Smart Pup

Einstein described compounding as the "eighth wonder of the world."

It is very possible that the difference between an amateur punter
who makes a few bob and professional who makes a living at it,
is that one spends winnings as they come in and the other
reinvests them thus snowballing his bank higher and higher.

I guess you need three key things

A - A bank to start with

B - An edge ( which the two experts here are proven to have )

C - Time to turnover on opportunities with edge

Often it is failure to provide C that is a key reason for punter failure.

For many life can be headless chicken like running this way then
that instead of hanging onto something like a dog with a bone
with their vision set on the long term not short term.

It is easy and human to get distracted with spammers plugging
new fad this and new fad that each week.

Impatience can also be a flaw.
"I did not make £1 million in my two week trial. I am out of here to try something new."

We are a bit boring I guess doing much the same thing steadily for quite a few years.
The service here has been proven and proofed since Nov 2009.

The charts on the results page clearly show the long term upwards trends.
Pick a random two weeks or month however and it may swing one way or the other.

You should not get over excited and over stake during purple patches.
Nor should short term downturns dismay you.
Better to think like Ivor the Engine and keep slowly chugging
away with with your focus set on reaching a long term destination.

Do You Want To Get On The Train?

We offer a £1 two week cheap seat trial if you do wish to test us out.

But think like Einstein and remember that a key element
of long term bank growth is compounding over TIME.

There is still quite a bit of time left for profit to made this season.
We will be running till the end of Euro 2012 in July at least.

In any case may I wish you the best of luck.

Site Admin


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