Total Bets 922
Horses Who Won Race 198 21.5%
Horses Who Just Placed 201 21.8%
Horses Who Lost 523 56.7%
Horses Who Won or Placed in Race 399 43.3%
BOG Profits - Advised Stakes
Total Staked 860.9
Net Profit 24.33
Profit on Turnover 2.8%
Note: On the odd occasion a rule 4 may apply to some prices
if one of the other runners is withdrawn.
These are not accounted for in spreadsheet records
as it can be hard to define what to use because 
different bookies may apply different rule 4 figures depending on what price
the non runner was with them at the minute of withdrawal.
Some bookies even ignore any 5% rule 4 deductions.
So assume a small degrading of figures above due to the odd rule 4
On the flip side betting exchanges often offer even higher
odds than classic bookmakers so an exchange user will
often have the opportunity to get higher odds than we quote.