The Full Member Service

The Full member service is our private paid for service.


What Do I Get If I Pay?

The super quick answer is that you get an ex bookmaker called Phil
working hard for you researching soccer markets for value football
betting opportunities. He will email you soccer betting tips based
on his daily research work and years of experience.

There are two separate components to the Private Service.

#1 The Main Service

This has been running for several years and has built up
a long term independantly proofed record of success.

Our results page includes a chart of profit over time
along with key stats. A much more detailed spreadsheet
is also available for those who wish to see precise detail.

In this Main Service Phil is unrestricted as to what he tips on.
A lot of his advice will focus on the English leagues
and on major European leagues but don’t be surprised to see him
hunt for value in other zones such as International tournaments
like the World Cup or European Championships.

Anticipate different markets as well.
It could be a simple team X to win, over under goals
or something else.


#2 Premier League Picks

This is a newer sub service started in Oct 2014.
In short Phil will aim to provide clients with
one single best bet for each and every Premier League match.

Full member clients will receive a dedicated email each week
( normally on a Friday evening ) detailing all Premier League
Pick betting advices.

We will produce a separate profit spreadsheet dedicated to
these so as not to mix them up with the longer standing
Main Service betting tips.

NB We do not charge separately for the Premier League Picks.
It is more so a case of one over all low cost membership fee.



Is The Service Worth Paying For?

We believe so but the best judge of that is your good self.

It is I guess a bit like to question of whether to DIY
or hire in a qualified tradesman to do a job for you.

If you are highly DIY skilled yourself and can dedicate
the time to do the work then doing it yourself may be the
right answer.

If you are highly DIY skilled but can earn £20 an hour
whilst the tradesman costs £10 per hour, then economically
it makes sense to hire in the tradesman.

If you have no DIY skill then your best bet is to get
someone competent to do a job for you.

Hire Phil and you are passing to an experienced ex bookmaker
the tedious job of soccer stats research and identification
of soccer betting value.



Do You Offer Free Betting Tips?


Here on this blog we will post up a few of Phil’s
selections from his #2 Premier League Picks
as per above.

Full members will get them in advance of
free blog posting however.

On occasion odds available will differ slightly.
Sometimes odds will come in.
Sometimes they may drift.

But yes. You should get some good free Premier League
betting tips from an ex bookmaker all for free
here on this blog.


How Much Does It Cost To Be A Paying Client?

We have a very low cost introduction deal for new clients.
It is just £1 for your first two weeks of membership in fact.
This two week period is a chance for you to use your own eyes
and judge service nature and style.
You are welcome to your £1 back if you want it.
But hopefully once in you will wish to stay on longer term
as a member and if so the fee is £34.99 monthly.


Where Do I Pay My £1 To Get In?

Here ==>