Dutching Calculator

Dutching Calculator

Dutching is the process of betting multiple outcomes in an event
to generate an equal profit no matter which of your selected outcomes wins.

The term reputedly gets is name from Dutch Shultz a gangster associate
of Al Capone who liked to cover several horses with his race track bets.

Before the days of betting exchange laying I can picture Dutch Shultz making the short priced favourite in the race “an offer to good to refuse”.
He would then bet the other horses to guarantee him self an equal profit no matter which won.

In soccer betting a common use of dutching is to cover several correct scores.

Instead of betting for a home win for example you may decide it is more favourable for a particular match just to cover some of the more likely home win correct scores.

eg 1-0 , 2-0 , 2-1

Each of the above bets would likely have different odds.
You are then faced with the question..

“What stake do I place on each bet to give me an equal profit
no matter which of them wins?”

Unless you are Albert Einstein  or The Rain Man The easiest way to do the
maths quickly is with a dutching calculator.

Below are a few example dutching spreadsheets that can do this task.

1 – Fordster’s Correct Score Calculator

This is the one a bloke called Fordster uses for his Correct Score Bets.
It assumes you know your total stake and that you are betting on the betting exchange at 5% commission.

2 – Dutching To Win A Set Amount

This alternate dutching spreadsheet makes the assumption that you want to win a set amount.
There are two sheets in this dutching spreadsheet.
One for use with standard bookmakers and the other for use on the betting exchange where exchange commission has to be accounted for.