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This is now a pretty silly choice of domain name for us.

As of late January 2018 our ex bookie man Phil called a halt on the providing of his football advice and will now instead concentrate on his Irish Horse Racing selections alone.

With a long term profit of circa £9k to £100 per point stakes on his soccer some subscribers will be sad to see them go.

Phil's passion and personal interests have shifted to the racing side of things however over the past few years. His racing selections have also been producing a much higher rate of profit making than his soccer. Phil is looking forward to being able to concentrate in greater depth on the Irish Racing side of things.

Right now this website is in somewhat of a state of flux as we shift it to a racing only focused site. So if you find any mention of soccer tips here just ignore them. It will be outdated information as we will only be offering Irish racing advice from now on.

Irish Racing has been output here for clients as a sub section since 2016. Jan 2018 is when Phil decided to go racing only.

Results data is available here




Why Just Irish Horse Racing?

This is part rooted in Phil's personal passions.

But it is also rooted in pragmatism and logic.

You don't have to travel too far or wide to find complaints about racing overload in the uk. It can suit bookmakers to have a continual daily glut of racing to provide mug punters with additional flies on the wall to bet on.

For a punter who wants to net win however it can be more sensible to apply more concentration to fewer events.

So if punting for yourself ponder picking for yourself a restricted niche.

Phil's own passion led him to select Irish Horse Racing as his personal zone of study. Compared to the UK, Ireland has a smaller number of courses and the pool of trainers is smaller. With niche study in this field alone it is easier to increase one's touch and feel for trainer and course bias tendencies etc.

As you can see from the results data this niche focus is paying off well for Phil and for our clients who follow his Irish Racing Advice.



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